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Keyence XM Quality System

Keyence XM Shop Floor CMM 
Hand held Probe Coordinate Measuring Machine XM Series

Keyence XM Shop Floor CMM

Hand Held Probe Coordinate Measuring Machine XM Series 


Keyence IM Quality System


Keyence IM Instant Measurement System

Next Generation Optical Comparator


Equipment List


( 1 )  2011 Haas VM3 Vertical mill 

40 inch travel in X, 26 inch travel in Y and 

25 inch travel in Z. 

It has a 30 horse power 12 thousand RPM spindle with a 24 position tool changer. 

It has a Cat 40 taper spindle with thru the spindle coolant and other options including high speed machining.


( 1 )  OKK  2003 model HM50S Horizontal machining center with a Fanuc 160is-M control  .

  X = 24 inches, Y = 22 inches,  Z = 20 inches. 

  30 HP  10,000 RPM spindle.  

Cat 40 taper with thru spindle coolant. 

  40 position tool changer.  

The machine has 2;  500MM interchangeable pallets with tombstone style vises. 

 The table is capable of indexing 360 degrees  in  one degree increments.


( 1 )  Haas St-25Y, 3 axis lathe. 

12-inch diameter with 21-inch-long capacity.

 10-inch chuck or collet closer up to 1 ¾; 

 3400 RPMs, 30 HP. 3 inch thru the spindle.

 6000 RPM’s and 5 HP for live tooling. 

Bar feeder with 3-inch capacity. 

Parts catcher and high-pressure coolant.  

12 station turret with live tooling capability at all stations. 


  ( 1 )  Bridgeport manual mill with digital readouts and power feed. 

1; 6 X 12 manual surface grinder.

1; Ellis cut off saw.

2; Ellis belt grinder

1; 3000 lb. fork lift



( 1 )  30X60 surface plate.

( 1 )  24 X 24 surface plate.

Assorted measuring tools including micrometers, 

height gauges, gauges blocks, gages pins, and other precision tools.

Additional gages and tools are purchased as needed. 


Gibbs Cam software is used for working with your part files to generate machine programs for 2D and 3D parts.  

Please send Cad information in any of these formats:

Gibbs Cam VNC, DXF, IGES, Solidworks  SLDPRT, Solidworks  SLDASM and   

X.T. files  can be used.